Underground Heating Oil Tanks

Heating Oil Tank (HOT) questions?  Give us a call – Sprecher Group is happy to help. Our DEQ-licensed HOT Supervisor, working in tandem with a DEQ-licensed HOT Service Provider, has decommissioned and, if needed, remediated, numerous underground HOTs in central and eastern Oregon over the years.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s HOT program began on March 15, 2000. The HOT program includes rules for voluntary decommissioning of a HOT, how to assess whether a HOT has leaked, how to clean up a HOT release, and contractor licensing requirements. Clicking here accesses DEQ’s HOT program home page.

A section of DEQ’s HOT website was written with homeowners and realtors in mind. This link connects to information such as: what I should know as a seller or buyer of a home with a HOT, Realtor Bulletins, and much more. Please note: it is perfectly legal in Oregon for homeowners to decommission their own HOT, and to clean up contaminated soil if present, provided the homeowners themselves perform all of the actual work and comply with all applicable rules. Only a DEQ-licensed HOT Service Provider can be hired to perform HOT-related work.

What would a homeowner look for to determine if an underground HOT is present at their property? Here are a few examples:

Photos of HOT decommissioning projects in progress: