About Us

A group of one—isn’t that odd? Not really—group means collection, cluster, assembly, and more.

Sprecher Group, offering environmental, geological, & water rights consulting, was founded by Terry Sprecher in January of 2008. Sprecher Group is located at 2445 NE Division St in Bend, Oregon.

Terry is a professional geologist with well over two decades of experience in the western US. Her geologic roots include coal mining projects in Wyoming, & precious metals/geothermal exploration work in Nevada. After focusing on family life for awhile, she morphed into an environmental, geologic, & water rights consultant. She brings the following knowledge and skills to projects:

  • Familiarity with Oregon’s environmental and water rights regulations
  • Site investigation, characterization, and remediation expertise, both soil and water
  • Technical report preparation
  • Seasoned field geologist capabilities
  • Project management skills

4141.0028Back to Group: Sprecher Group is part of a cluster of various professionals that can be quickly assembled to work as a team for any given project. These professionals include analytical laboratories, AutoCAD designers, professional geologists and hydrogeologists, Professional Engineers, archaeologists, biologists, surveyors, environmental cleanup contractors, general contractors …