Underground Storage Tanks

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality regulates most Underground Storage Tanks (UST) in Oregon. USTs that are exempt from UST Program regulation include farm and residential USTs less than 1,100 gallons in size, and any UST less than 110 gallons in size. Heating Oil Tanks (HOT) are covered separately under DEQ’s HOT Program. USTs that have not been in use since before 1974 and are completely empty, and USTs that were properly decommissioned between January 1, 1974 and May 1, 1988, are not required to be registered with the UST Program. However, a release from an exempt or unregulated UST is still reportable to DEQ.

4175.0042All non-exempt USTs must be registered with DEQ’s UST Program, which has been around for roughly 30 years. Virtually all UST owners are familiar with these requirements. UST questions typically arise now only when historic USTs are discovered, often when property ownership changes. If a UST owner wishes to decommission a UST or perform a site assessment near the UST, a DEQ-licensed UST Decommissioning Service Provider/ Supervisor team must be hired. Sprecher Group personnel have held DEQ’s UST Decommissioning Supervisor license for about 20 years.

4175.0142As the DEQ-licensed Decommissioning Supervisor, in tandem with a DEQ-licensed Decommissioning Service Provider, Sprecher Group has experience decommissioning (and remediating, if needed) USTs in central and eastern Oregon. If you’ve got UST questions, or need a quote, consider giving Sprecher Group a call – we’d be happy to help.